Good Morning April 13th

Yesterday I wrote about our call to be different, living by Godly values. The problem is that society generally rejects any absolute values. Everything is conditional upon how we feel, what we think we need, what we see as right at any given time. So absolutes are rejected. But I find this interesting because there are some things that are universally considered wrong. I don’t know anywhere where willful murder is considered good. Heterosexual marriage has been devalued in recent years, but no one really approves of adultery, or cheating on one’s partner. We sometimes make exceptions for theft, but we don’t accept stealing as a good thing. Ah, so maybe there are some absolute values after all. Where did these come from? Did they just evolve? Or were they built into humans when they were created? Maybe there really is a God, an eternal Creator, who does know that there is a better way for the people He made to live. And if that is true, then maybe we should take another look at some of the other values He has said are for our good.