Good Morning April 20

God has given us a marvelous gift in our physical bodies. As with any gift it can be used properly or misused. Yesterday I wrote about cosmetics and seeking to enhance one’s image. I had women mostly in mind, though men are by no means immune to wanting to created a positive image. But today I am writing particularly to girls and young women. Understand that you have a power in your beauty. Men are visual creatures, and a pretty girl will turn heads. For this reason girls need to be very careful about the kind of attention they want to attract. All attention is not necessarily good. The image I spoke of yesterday is an inward beauty of the heart. That is where true beauty must start. Understand that that beauty is a precious jewel. You are treasured in God’s sight. Do not give yourself away easily. You should expect to be treated with dignity and respect. If you are not treated properly by any man then he is not worthy of your time. God created men and women. Their relationship together is to be beautiful and joyful. The full giving of one’s self is to be reserved for the covenant bond of heterosexual marriage. Together the man and woman reflect something of the nature of God Himself. Tragically, we have messed up this relationship badly in our modern world resulting in much heartache, but it does not have to be so. There is always forgiveness for what is in the past, and a new beginning in Christ Jesus. Just know that you are very valuable in God’s sight. And that is the real attention you want to attract.