Good Morning

On Sunday we attended our grandson’s Confirmation Service. At this service he and his classmates affirmed the vows that were taken for them when they was baptized 15 years ago. Over the years since Christianity’s founding, and based on Holy Scripture, the Church established rites we consider very important – baptism, holy communion, confirmation, marriage, ordination, funerals. To often they have been treated as rituals with little lasting meaning. In many countries of western Christianity today the church is expected to dispense these rites as needed, but otherwise the people involved don’t set foot in a church. This is tragic. It is pulling God out of a box when needed, but otherwise considering Him irrelevant to life. It is tragic because people are rejecting the very One who is the giver of life and its meaning. What was impressive with this Confirmation service was that it culminated four years of study by these students, and demonstrated the commitment they and their parents had made to follow through with this affirmation of our faith. At the service the students were asked if they were ready to commit themselves to live in this faith in Jesus Christ? Was this faith so important that they were willing to give their lives for it? These were not kids blindly following some indoctrination. They had learned to know and love their Lord who had given His life for them. They wanted to continue to grow in faith and live their lives for Him. We know their will be some back sliding, but this is a solid faith that will last through their lives and beyond. This is the faith we are called to affirm, the faith that gives meaning to every day of life, and not just at baptisms, weddings and funerals.