Good Morning May 3

I don’t do very well at waiting, of just being still. I love my easy chair, but I usually only have two state while there. I either have something to read in my hands, or I fall asleep. I don’t do sitting quietly very well. Scripture is interesting it that regard. Much of both the Old and New Testaments are about waiting. The Old Testament points forward, waiting in anticipation for God to fulfill His promise in the Messiah. The New Testament looks forward waiting for the return of the Lord. But here, neither of these waitings meant inactivity. There was continued growth in the knowledge of the Lord, and there was service and care for people. The two great commandments – to love God above all else, and love neighbor as one’s self – were the content of the waiting. It was in these that the hand of God was clearly visible. And it was in the knowledge that God would one day fulfill all His promises that gave the depth of hope in the time of waiting. I will still fall asleep in my easy chair, but then that is useful, too.