Good Morning May 4

In Matthew 22 Jesus tells the parable about guests invited to a king’s wedding banquet. Many are invited, and the hall is filled, but when the king comes he finds one man not wearing a wedding robe. (Matthew 22) The man is thrown out into the darkness. The custom of the day was for the king to graciously provide the proper dress for the banquet, but the man refused to put it on. The invitation was free. Everything needed to share in the wonderful celebration was provided at no cost. Yet such grace was spurned, thinking that one could get in on their own merits. It doesn’t work. In Jesus Christ God has done everything for us to share in the greatest banquet of all. Scripture admonishes us not to harden our hearts, not to “ignore such a great salvation.”(Hebrews 2:3) We like to think that we are capable, intelligent people, but coming into fellowship with our Lord is impossible on our own. Our best garments, are filthy in His sight. We must be cleansed by the shed blood of Christ. In the wedding garment of Christ’s righteousness we will share in the King’s banquet.