Good Morning May 6

Following on what I said yesterday about virtual this and that substituting for real relationships, I must confess that I do have a smart phone, and do like text messaging. It is a quick and convenient means of communicating. However, those to whom I send text messages are ones I have a long history of face to face relationships. These are people I’ve talked to for hours, and given hugs of greeting. A text message then is only an extension of what already exists. Some claim that all our various means of communication are drawing the world closer together. It is true that we have instant information from all of the globe, but it lacks the quality of personal involvement. All these technological developments have their usefulness, but they must not be allowed to be a substitute for personal interaction. So put the phones down when you are in a room with others, or sitting at the dinner table. There is much more joy to be gained there, than can possibly come from a 4 inch glass screen.