Good Morning May 10

Anyone who watches any amount of network TV is deluges with commercials about upcoming TV programs and feature films. The offerings are abysmal! What is portrayed in one after another is anger, greed, violence, sexual exploits, and hate. We are told that the media is only being a mirror of our society. In large part that is probably true. A while back I read some material from the 14th century. They didn’t have the media, but they were no better or worse than we are. We begin our worship service on Sundays with a confession, acknowledging before God that we are by nature sinful and unclean. That is where it all comes from. We are sinners in a sinful world. But then we hear the gracious words of Christ’s forgiveness. The rest of the service is centered around the proclamation of the Good News of forgiving grace in Jesus Christ. Through the words of Scripture and Holy Communion we hear of a new way of life. We declare that in Christ there is forgiveness. There is a better way to live. Christ, alone, changes us inside at the deepest part of our being, making it possible to live a life that is not centered around all of the base things of this world. It is a life that honors our Lord, and gives us the strength to deal with the situations of life with the greatest of hope.