Good Morning May 12

Most people want to fit in, to be accepted by the larger group, to be thought well of. Whether by conforming to current dress codes, or thinking and speaking along “party” lines, many do what the group currently requires – which has a nasty way of changing week to week. It is certainly true that we need the support and care of one another. However, our Scriptures calls us to be different. We are to live by a higher standard than the culture around us. Our desire is to please our Lord, and grow in His grace. That doesn’t mean we present ourselves as better than everyone else, but we do believe that we are following a better way of life, and we desire to share that better way with others. Our desire is to truly be in fellowship with all people, but we must not do that by conforming to the lowest common standard. Being different can be costly in worldly terms. Yet, it is a life that is pleasing to our Lord, the only one we really need to please, and it has a way of bringing us into bonds of friendship that are deeper and richer than anything conforming to society’s values can offer.