Good Morning May 13

In yesterday’s paper the International Monetary Fund reported that two trillion dollars is taken out of the economy by graft and corruption. Unfortunately, in many areas, this has become a way of doing business. It is certainly a problem, and not limited to a few foreign dictators. Theft, large and small, has become a way of life for many. “Borrowing” from the company stock room, expecting payment to get an inspection approved, unauthorized use of copyrighted material, padding insurance claims, the list is endless. We have a hundred ways to justify it. “It’s not so bad.” “Everyone does it.” “They are rich and have a lot more than I do.” But that is just the problem, justifying it. God has given us values by which we are to live. Values that are for the good of us all. Take a simple look at the Ten Commandments. They talk about killing, misuse of sex, theft, lying, coveting. We bend each of these by our self justifications, and many suffer because of it. Maybe we should take another look at that list God gave Moses, and see what we can do about it.