Good Morning June 1

Everything in our Christian faith keeps Jesus at the center. We do not believe in God just as a general force that controls the universe, or one that we just commune with by going out into nature. We do not believe in God who just established a set of moral laws by which mankind should live. Our God is all of those, but so much more. God is personal. One who invites us to know Him, to know His nature, and be related to Him in a relationship of love. This can only happen because God has revealed Himself to us in the person of Jesus Christ, God incarnate. We believe in our God who does not demand that we work our way up to Him, a task which is impossible, but who has first come to us. Our God, Jesus Christ, has come to us in the midst of our sin, pain, and death to show us the way to life. Jesus, alone, has made is possible for us to know God, and be a part of Him forever.