Good Morning June 3

There is an interesting verse in Galatians 4. Paul has been having trouble with the Galatian Christians wanting to go back to all the Jewish laws. They did not understanding their freedom in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He wrote, “It is fine to be zealous, provided the purpose is good…”(vs.18) To be zealous for something is to do it with great fervor, seeking it with all of one’s energy and interest. Paul was certainly zealous for preaching the Gospel. He would get irritated with fellow workers who were not as active as he was. But he cautions here that the purpose for the zeal must be carefully chosen. That is, by seeking the wisdom of God. We can be zealous for the wrong things, and go off in a wrong direction. We are driven back constantly to Scripture and prayer, that our direction is in line with God’s nature, and will. Jesus continually worked with His disciples on this. It is in learning to know and love God that we become aligned with His purpose for life. Then He becomes our life and is the zeal in all we do.