Good Morning June 6

Last evening the news program 60 Minutes had a tribute to Muhammad Ali who died of Parkinson’s disease this past week. Ali’s wife recounted all the public activities he had had since he retired from boxing. She said that in his Islamic faith he felt that every autograph he gave, and act he did for others got him a little closer to heaven. This is the ladder by which one tries to do enough good works to be acceptable to a holy God. The problem is that one can never have any assurance of how much is enough. Christians also believe in the absolute holiness of God. But we also know that we all fall short of that holiness. (Romans 3:23) Because of our sin we are in a hole so deep that no ladder tall enough, no stack of good works high enough, that we can make ourselves acceptable to God. But it is just here that our God of love has reached down to us when we were incapable of reaching Him. By His pure grace through our faith in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ we have our salvation, and our assurance of heaven. We never have to hope we have done enough, because His has done it all for us. Trust in your salvation gained for you by Jesus Christ, and rejoice with the greatest joy.