Good Morning June 7

Preachers can have a bad habit! (Well, I’ll admit to at least one.) We read a variety of materials preparing for sermons and teachings. We deal with a lot of people we’ve gotten to know pretty well. The temptation is always there to read something and think, “Ah, this applies to so and so. This is what they need to hear.” I try never to speak directly to any individual in a sermon or teaching. That is the work of God’s Spirit. But the temptation is there. I think it can be true for all of us. We hear a truth and think of a person “over there” that needs it, rather than taking it to heart as God’s word for me. God is well able to deal with every other persons needs, but He really want to reach my heart. My reading, my study, my listening to a message is first to be applied to me. What is God saying to me through this word? It’s kind of like that log in the eye Jesus once spoke about. (Matthew 7:1-5) God must first preach to me before I can preach to anyone else.