Good Morning June 14

Chaos or order? When one scans the news page on the internet there is such a tableau of images in politics, economics, and human relations. World leaders meeting to resolve problems in what are incompatible philosophies of government; economists seeking stability in debt ridden countries; prominent people making up or breaking up relationships – all seeking to find some order in life. But there is no real order apart from our Lord. Jesus said that all authority comes from God. It is also He who shows how that authority is to be used for good. The Lord has given guidance for economic matters, yet pride, selfishness, and greed have put them all aside. And it is so obvious that the Lord’s truth has been disregarded in personal relationship causing untold pain. People long for order, but are striving for it in all the wrong ways, finally achieving only chaos. God, our God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, is the God of order and grace. His hand is continually extended, if only we will take it.