Good Morning June 15

The things that happened to the LGBT community in Orlando and elsewhere are tragic and are of evil. All people should have safety and protection to pursue their lives free of fear. All people have been created by God and bear His image. All are ones for whom Christ died. For a Christian, hate has no place in our dealings with others. Having said that as the truth by which we live, is does not mean the acceptance of all lifestyle values and choices are equally good. We have been created by God who has give us a way of life to follow that is for our best good. He has shown us that some things are absolutely right, and others absolutely wrong. All that is right is given for our best good, and for us to understand and come into a deeper relationship with our Lord. We witness to what is right, not by anger or hate, but by living it as best God give us the grace to do. It is only the love of Christ working through our lives that will draw another into the good our Lord has for them.