Good Morning June 20

Many times throughout the Old Testament it is shown that when the people obeyed the commandments of the Lord they lived in peace and well being. When they did not, disasters followed. We are people of the New Testament living under the grace of God through Jesus Christ. We are taught, time and again, that we are freed from the law. Is there a contradiction here? Are there two different gods, two different instructions? Not at all. Our salvation has always been by God’s grace – in the Old Testament looking to the promises of the Redeemer, and in the New, the promised fulfilled in Jesus. Further, the law never changed. It has always expressed the will of God for the kind of life we are to live – the kind of life in which God shows how we will prosper. We are freed from the law as legal statutes that condemn, but we are guided by the law to a life that honors God. It is well for us to read again the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20), and Jesus’ interpretation of them in Matthew 5. Meditating on God’s law is always a good guide for life.