Good Morning June 27

I am comforted by the disciples of our Lord. They always seem to ask the same dumb questions I would have asked if I had been there, and I still have a way of asking now. I know Jesus got frustrated at times. He once said, “Are you so dull? don’t you see….”(Mark 7:18) But He also showed them great patience, never giving up on them. Even after the resurrection, standing in His presence, Matthew says that “some doubted.”(28:17) Yet it was these same disciples who spread the Gospel of salvation throughout all of the world. The Lord is patient, working with us day by day, item by item, stage by stage, bringing us more deeply into His life. I, and I expect you also, will have a lot more dumb question, but the grace of God works in them all, until all questions and all needs come to an end in the presence of Jesus.