Good Morning June 28

The opening line of Psalm 108 says, “My heart is satisfied, O God.”I think that is a wonderful expression. There are many things we would like to see happen in life. There are many things we plan for and strive for. Motivational experts tell us it is necessary to set goals in life. All that is fine, but above it all, our ultimate satisfaction is in our God. If nothing else ever comes to fruition, we can still be satisfied that our God has called us to be in fellowship with Himself. The priests of ancient Israel were not given an inheritance of land with the rest of the Israelites. God said to them, “I am your portion and your inheritance.” (Numbers 18:20) God knows we need the basic things of life, and He provides them. It is fine to work toward the goals we set. But our God is our portion in this life, and in Him we can be satisfied.