Good Morning July 1

My wife and I read the New Testament after breakfast. We just started again in Matthew. After the genealogy in chapter one comes the birth account of our Lord. Something struck me yesterday morning with the Wise Men coming to Herod looking for Jesus, The King of the Jews. A simple remark, “Herod was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.” Herod I can understand. But what has always caught my attention is “all Jerusalem with him”. Why was Jerusalem troubled? We can certainly see the people’s curiosity with this entourage of important men coming to town. Then thinking in a broader context, we see that wherever God enters life it is disturbing. Every place that Jesus went things changed. And we are not so sure we want to change. I’ve always thought there is more to suppressing name of Jesus than separation of church and state, or being fair to all faiths. Whether everyone believes that Jesus is the divine Son of God or not, there is something troubling about His name. He cannot be separated from His claim to divinity, to His Kingship. That is disturbing. If we only understood that the change God desires is always for our good. It is why He came among us. We should be able to say with St. Paul, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.”(Romans 1:16)