Good Morning July 6

A few years ago some friends of ours gave us a small wooden wall hanging from Italy. It is a picture of a building with ornate arches, and a tower in the background. The wood process is called marquetry, where many different and tiny wood slivers are cut, shaped, and inlayed to form a larger picture. Each individual piece doesn’t look like very much, but when assembled by the artist’s hand, all form a beautiful picture. The parallel is obvious. God is the Great Artist. We are those small and different wood slivers. Individually, we may not seem to be of great value, but we are very necessary in the plan of God. He has called us to be a part of His life. He has a purpose for every one of us. If one is missing there would be a blank spot in the work He is forming. Just as that little chip of wood, you are unique and necessary in God’s plan for His Kingdom. And it will be a beautiful work of art.