Good Morning July 11

My wife and I had the privilege of sharing in a family reunion on Saturday evening. It was not our family, but one we have known and loved for more than 40 years. They are an old farm family with roots at least five generations deep in the community. Devoutly Christian, their faith has been passed down through each generation, and has sent out into the world’s harvest fields a number of missionaries, evangelists, and pastors. Farming is no longer their central occupation, but common values and a love for Christ still continue to bind them together. The reunion was also the occasion for laying to rest the ashes of an elderly aunt who had been a missionary in Costa Rica for years, and had had a deep influence on all the family members. We live in a world where many of these values have been lost to our modern liberal culture. But there are places where they still exist, and maybe it is something all should give some though to. Our Brave New World cannot top the values and way of life that our Lord has given us in His Word.