Good Morning July 12

Yesterday I wrote about the heritage of farm families. I have several people in my congregation who come from a farming background. There gainful employment took then in different ways other than farming. But what has always interested me is that, in their hearts, they remain attached to the land. They all have gardens. They love to work the soil. They take pride in their produce, and what they are able to share. Some can vegetables for use throughout the winter. There is something about being attached to the land that brings one closer to the Lord. The Apostle Paul wrote that what can be known about God is clearly seen from the things God has made.(Romans 1:20) The current environmental movement is not the same. It comes to a near worship of the land as a god called Mother Earth. The earth is not our mother. It is a gift of God, the place He has given us to dwell and to care for. In its care we are also to realize that we are intimately connected to its Giver, giving thanks for all of His grace and blessing.