Good Morning July 14

In a week’s time from last Saturday through tomorrow we will have shared in one memorial service, and two funerals. In all three there was a clear note of joy and celebration. Oh, there is sadness at the separation from a loved one. It is the end of an era that will not be see again except in photos and memories. But all three were Christians who loved the Lord, and had served Him for many years. They had now gone home. They now dwell in the full love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Set aside the sentimental images of family reunions, and angels. They are in the presence of Jesus, the fulfillment of our greatest joy and hope. Those that gathered celebrated, even through tears, that the last enemy, death, had been overcome in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I truly desire that all of you who read this message have that same assurance of life beyond the pall of death. You can have that assurance by God’s grace through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. It is our strength and peace for all we do now, and for eternity.