Good Morning July 15

In my remarks yesterday about funerals I mentioned the need to set aside our sentimental images of family reunions and angels. For many, and in some ways for all of us, death is an unknown. We usually fear what we don’t understand. When death comes to a loved one, many will use a variety of images to comfort themselves, especially that we will be reunited with our loved one again. Now, I believe that we shall see our loved ones again, but that is not the central hope for a Christian. Jesus said that we will not be married or in the limited family structure that we now experience. Any love that we now share will be infinitely expanded throughout God’s Kingdom. Paul, contemplating the time of his own death, said “I desire to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better”. (Philippians 1:23) The central hope for a Christian is not just to regain the good bond of love that we lost at a time of death, but having that bond infinitely expanded in the presence of Jesus.