Good Morning July 18

In both the Old Testament and the New God says “do not worry”, “do not be anxious”. He calls us to trust Him for all aspects of life. Easier said than done! We live in a fearful world. Police are shot at random. Gun violence is frequent. Car bombs kill many innocent. New diseases spread. The economy looks like a house of cards. You can make your own list. But we are not alone. The times when God said “do not worry” were also times of stress, and life was uncertain. Yet, He still called His people to trust Him, to do what was necessary for the day, and to leave the future in His hands. We do take precautions, and make prudent plans, but at some point we must realize that all our fretting accomplishes nothing, except to keep us upset. That is not where God wants us. He who see every sparrow that falls, and knows the number of hairs on your head can be trusted for whatever the days ahead may hold. Our task for today is to love and care for those the Lord give us. That is quite enough for this day.