Good Morning July 22

A criticism that has been leveled at the current Republican National Convention is that it has focused too much on the bad Democrats they are against and not enough on better policies they have to present. This is a criticism that is not limited to political parties. Much of the early history of the church body to which I belong was defined by “we are not them” rather than the good we have to offer. By God’s grace we have turned that corner leaving much of the negative behind. But it is also an easy trap for all who seek to live by biblical values to fall into. There are many things that we do not like in the current moral climate. There are many things that we believe are against the values God desire for us. Yet it does no good to point fingers, spending our time condemning others. Our task is to live the love of Christ. To let others see something of our good God in us, and want to draw closer to Him.

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