Good Morning August 1

Ubiquitous, and interesting word, defined as existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time; omnipresent. Cell phones have become ubiquitous. My wife and I were sitting on the porch of a cottage in a tourist town one afternoon just watching people and traffic go by. A group of four friends passed by, each intent on the screen of their smart phone. Then a mother and son, same way. Cars passed, drivers having phones to their ear – what state law forbids it? By my unofficial survey 80% of those passing had their attention drawn to their phones. This, in a place of beautiful scenery on a bay, a place intended for rest and refreshment. Don’t get me wrong, smart phones have their use. I own one. But it is an occasional tool intended to be helpful, not a consuming passion that separates us from fellowship with others, and the beauty God created for us to enjoy. The One who is truly ubiquitous is our Lord. It is He who has made us, given us all the people in our lives, and the beauty that surrounds us in His world. There is more to be gained from the ubiquity of His grace than can come from any smart phone screen.