Good Morning August 4

God boggles my mind! How can He have no beginning and no end? Why is He pure love and not self serving? How can He create the universe, and still know and care about me personally? When I try to comprehend the fullness of God I feel like an ant trying to understand a human. But then I look at Jesus. I hear His words, “if you have seen me you have seen the Father.” (John 14:9) I see Jesus’ nature of forgiveness, love, compassion, humility, and self sacrifice. I hear His words telling me of God’s desire to have me with Him for eternity. It still boggles my mind, but I know it is true. I can’t, nor do I have to, comprehend all that God is. I only have to see Jesus, and rejoice in the fact that God sent Him to bring me to Himself. And I bow before Him in worship.