Good Morning August 11

It has always interested me how bank tellers, and others dealing with printed money are taught to detect a counterfeit bill. They do it by carefully studying genuine bills. When one comes along that somehow doesn’t look quite right, some small detail out of place, a wrong color, wrong texture, they are consciously warned to take a deeper look. The same truth applies to our faith. Jesus said that false christs and false prophets would arise and try to lead many astray. (Matthew 24:24) Often their words sound good. They are reasonable, make sense, appeal pragmatically to the current needs, even fit our natural desires. Counterfeits are intended to look as close to the real as possible. How does one tell? The same way one detects a false bill, by continually studying the real. We read the Scripture, God’s revealed word, regularly, meditating on the nature of our Lord and His will for the people He created. We grow in a relationship with the Lord Jesus as the center and the giver of all life. We listen to God’s Spirit whom He has given to guide our hearts. We stay close in fellowship with others who also know Him. If this is our life, then a counterfeit is far less likely to distract us.