Good Morning August 19

I have worked in wood for many years. Many aspects of woodworking are very enjoyable. Taking a rough sawn piece of lumber, milling it smooth, and making a piece of furniture from it. One of the aspects that was the most fun and a challenge was to take an old decrepit piece of furniture, repair parts, make some new parts, and bring it back to an attractive and usable piece of furniture. You know, that’s just what God does with people. We take seriously the truth that sin mars and, too often, destroys that beautiful person God created. But God is never satisfied to leave anyone in that condition. God is the chief Master Builder. He did with people what no one else could do. He sent His Son to make atonement for our sins. He cleansed us, and, by the presence of His Spirit, is working day by day to restore us to the beauty He originally intended. You and I are that piece of marred furniture, but our Lord has worked and is working on us. He will not stop until that work is complete – to His glory and to our joy.