Good Morning August 22

There was a commentary on yesterday’s Editorial page of our local paper concerning the issue of the right to die, or assisted suicide. The article could have been on a number of social issues of our time, abortion, gay marriage, etc. The writer made the statement that this issue is advancing (which he favors) because of “the weakening of religious observance in much of the country…” He laments that “this country is no closer to consensus regarding one’s right to assisted suicide.” He sees “churches and individuals who are opposed display little desire to expand minds strapped in by archaic religious dogmas dating back thousands of years.” I don’t know about you folks, but he’s talking about me. The question is – is there one true God who has created us? Does that God have a purpose for our lives? And has He shown us that purpose recorded in our religion (I dislike that word, but that’s another issue) over thousands of years? Yes, He has. But what is happening to the Church that we are unwilling to stand up and say so? As for me, I will stick with the dogmas dating back thousands of years, for in them is life.