Good Morning August 23

I remarked yesterday that I didn’t like the term religion for Christianity. Religion implies a fixed set of doctrines, which of course we have, but it is not a legal system by which we make ourselves right with God. This is what was implied in the editorial I referred to as “following archaic religions dogmas”. In the Book of Acts the Apostle Paul refers to himself “as a follower of The Way”.(Acts 24:14) Early Christianity was know as “The Way”. Christians had come into a relationship with Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord. Because they had, they wanted to live in a way that brought honor to Him. We know this to be true in human terms. When we get married we want to speak and act in ways that honor our spouse. If we are serious about the marriage commitment we live in a different way after marriage than we did before. Jesus is the Bridegroom of the Church. We are the Bride. We want to live in a way that honors our Bridegroom. We are not just religions people. We are people of The Way.