Good Morning August 24

I’m look at a computer screen with its words, figures, and colors. The patterns communicate something to me, but what I see is only the surface of the machine. What makes it work, what forms all the outward patterns, are a complex series of electronic circuits and impulses hidden deep behind the screen. What people see in us are only the outward words, mannerisms, and actions we display. But those words, mannerisms, and actions are generated deep within our being by the thoughts and convictions we hold, and sometimes by bitterness, anger, and unforgiveness that we have let stay there for too long. As Christians we are to be guided by God’s Word, prayer, and our deepening relationship with our Saviour. It is only this that heals, cleanses and strengthens what is inside. Then what others see is something of the love and nature of Jesus. As we concentrate on what forms our inward parts, the outward will follow automatically.