Good Morning August 29

A few years ago there was a drama on TV about a woman reporter from a large city. She made contact with an Amish community wanting to do a human interest story on their way of life. She spent about two weeks living with one Amish family. She and the Amish wife got to be very close friends. Toward the end of her stay she asked her new friend, “Wouldn’t you really like to have a TV, or some of the modern appliances to make your life easier? The wife replied, “but what would I have to give up to have them?” That is an important question. We like many of the things we have. Our cars, our homes, our TVs, smart phones, the list goes on of the things we add to our lives. But they each cost us something beyond the money, in time, effort to maintain, frustration, fear of loss, and more. I’m not advocating an austere life style, but simply understanding that each new thing we add costs us something. And sometimes, like that Amish wife, we may consider the cost higher than we want to pay.