Good Morning September 16

Forgive me dear techies. At my age I am obviously not one. So I really don’t understand the craze over the new IPhone7 that came out today. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing but admiration for Apple engineers. I have a Mac Air 13 laptop which I love, but I didn’t stand in line in the rain half a night to get it. And I wouldn’t have been crushed if I hadn’t. I see pictures this morning of groups of twenty-somethings standing outside the store waving their new phones in the air in triumph. That is until the IPhone 8 comes out! It strikes me as an endless quest to find something really lasting and satisfying. As mundane as it may sound, I already have that which is truly lasting and satisfying in the knowledge that my Lord loves me, and has given His life to redeem me. He has given me a life that can’t be purchased. The gadgets are nice, sometimes helpful when they are not frustrating, but they really can’t add anything to the wonderful grace I’ve already been given.