Good Morning September 19

Why do we preach and teach? Why do we want our children in Sunday School, and teach them at home? Why do we send out missionaries, and sponsor major programs? And for that matter, why write a simple daily Good Morning message? We do it because we believe the Christian message has something unique and vital to share with the world. We believe that people are called into a very special relationship with Almighty God through Jesus Christ. The Old Testament Hebrews knew that they were called to be a different people, set apart for God. The early Christian church was called The Way, indicating that they lived and taught a different way of life from the surrounding culture. Christians are not better than anyone else. We are all sinful and deserving of God’s judgment. But God has given us a gracious truth centered in the sacrificial act of Jesus Christ. It is this truth that calls us to live different lives from our culture’s norms, and to share that truth, so many others will also come to know our gracious Lord.