Good Morning September 20

I look forward to getting the mail each day – then throw about 90% of it out. I get the daily paper and scan for those things that are of interest – not bothering to read the vast majority of what is printed there. Truth comes in nuggets, like panning for gold. We throw away all of the gravel and mud, just keeping the one small piece that is of great value. But that nugget is of great value. It can even be life changing. God gives us those “eureka!” moments that help open our life to Him. A few words from a sermon; a passage of Scripture read dozens of times before; a line from a book; a word from a friend. The Holy Spirit can bring that moment to us at any time by various means, when our heart is ready to receive it. Don’t get discouraged if they don’t happen every day – or don’t seem to happen very often at all. They do happen, and they are pure gold. They assure us again that God really loves us, and wants us close to Him.