Good Morning September 26

We are in an age of electronic communication. People are contacting one another more than ever. There is Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, e-mail, our national church meetings are by video conferencing, and so on. I send this message to more than a hundred of you, all at the same time, with just a click of the mouse. But what happens to real human contact? While the electronic media is useful, and as with the video conferences can save a lot of time and money, it can never replace truly human contact. In our congregation we hug a lot. You can’t do that by e-mail. Paul told the Romans to “Greet one another with a holy kiss.” (16:16) There is no substitute for a smile, a steady look in the eyes, a firm hand shake, a hug, and the real joy one gets in just sitting together with a friend. We won’t stop using the electronic media, but let it never be a substitute for personal human contact.