Good Morning September 27

I usually read the morning paper in the late afternoon. The paper was printed about midnight of the previous day. So, when I read the paper the news is already 24 to 36 hours old. I don’t find this a particular problem. Do I really need to know instantly what is happening in politics, the recent shooting, or the latest Hollywood scandal? I don’t think so. If a storm is coming, I would like to have a quick warning, but beyond that I’m not sure that our insatiable appetite for news needs to be satisfied. The Lord has taught us not to worry or be anxious. There is certainly the need for a prudent understanding of the things of the world, but so much of what we take in robs us of our peace, and detracts from our complete trust in Christ. The world will do what the world will do, and the Lord will ultimately bring all things to their right conclusion. Until then, we are to be at peace, trusting in Christ, and sharing the love He has given us.