Good Morning October 3

Our daughter has been stationed in Hawaii for two years, but is now leaving for her next deployment. This was the case when we lived there many years ago. It was a place where people were passing through. They lived there for a time. They worked. They learned, but then they moved on to another place. Actually, that is the way the Bible speaks about our time on this present earth. We are here for a time of growth in faith, and in service to others before we move on to the next place God has planned for us. The Bible calls us stranger and sojourners on the earth. That doesn’t mean this earth is not important. It is, but it is not all that God has for us. The Apostle Peter wrote, “According to His promise we are looking for new heavens and a new earth, in which righteousness dwells.”(II Pt. 3:13) We are to enjoy our time now, to grow in fellowship with one another, to learn more of the nature of our gracious Lord, and to serve in love all those the Lord lays on our hearts. But we also look forward in great hope to all the Lord yet has for us.