Good Morning October 12

One of the pieces of junk mail that came recently was a catalog for teen fashions. Boy did they miss the mark in his household! Nonetheless, I scanned through it. One of the things that struck me were the faces of all the models, mostly girls, a few boys, all sullen, and not a smile among them. I know part of this is the fashion industry ethos. You don’t see smiles on the faces of most fashion model advertising. These faces convey several things to me. Sometimes a sense of arrogance and pride of superiority. Other times a sense of the “whatever” attitude of the uselessness of life. I know these are only fashion presentations, but do they convey something of the attitude of our times? These are so opposite of the Good News we have to proclaim from our Lord. Life is not easy, but we have a joy in Jesus that transcends circumstances, and that conveys itself to the attitude we express on our faces.