Good Morning October 17

When I was in seminary jokes were made about the common conception of the three story universe. We are on earth, heaven is up there somewhere, hell is down below. People often speak that way, but it doesn’t tell us much about God’s Kingdom. Our family, along with many hundreds of others, had the privilege this past Saturday of worshiping in the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston at the ordination of our son-in-law, and five other men, into the permanent diaconate of the Catholic Church. It was a marvelous experience. The Cathedral is a majestic place. The music was magnificent. The worshipers joined their voices together in glorious hymns of praise. The liturgy in all of its pageantry conveyed the sense of coming into the holy presence of our Lord. We all shared together in the Eucharist sensing the unity of the Body of Christ with all those, past, present, and future, who are there only because of the sacrificial grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. That service on Saturday morning was a small and imperfect taste of God’s Kingdom. It is a taste that is repeated in my own small congregation in Germantown, and countless other Christian fellowship across this globe. The Kingdom of Heaven is not some place far off, but among us where the eternal values of faith, hope, and love abide.(I Corinthians 13:13) One day we will see that Kingdom fully and brilliantly in the presence of our Lord. But for now God has given us the privilege of seeing it in small ways, even where two join their hearts together in prayer.