Good Morning October 25

Yesterday I remarked that a repairman was coming to the house. Perhaps I should have said repair person in order to be politically correct. But after a while this gets pretty ridiculous. God created mankind in two genders, male and female. Both equally important. Both equally loved and valued. Both with important talents, abilities, and personalities. But created different from each other. They are supposed to be complementary, each having qualities that the other needs. This is so that the two together comprise the complete image of God. There is no such thing as a unisex. Christianity upholds the dignity of men and women as God created them. When we change, confuse, or destroy this truth, as so much modern political correctness, and emphasis on a false understanding of tolerance seeks to do, we degrade the very image of God in mankind. So lets rejoice that there are repair men, and repair women, and all the other distinctions God has given. For then we begin to understand Him more fully, and bring glory to His Holy Name.