Good Morning October 26

I have often taught that God uses many of the natural things of life to teach us about Himself. We are called “children of God”. What does that mean? If we are parents, we know what we have done for our children in bonding, in training, in providing, and in discipline. We seek to guide them in the direction we believe is right. We have a goal in mind for them to be mature adults, and we work daily through their growing years to help them get there. We call God, our Father. He, being our parent, means the same thing as we being parents to our children. He has a goal in mind for our lives – that we would share in His holiness. (Hebrews 13:10) He works daily, by the presence of His Spirit, using all the events of our life to nurture us, and guide us more deeply into His nature of holiness. We know the love and care we have in guiding our children into all that is best for them. How much more our Heavenly Father is doing this for us.