Good Morning October 27

It is not unusual for our local paper to report various tragic events in the area, a fire, a death by a drunk driver, a shooting, and so on. However, we have also read of court trials where a close relative of a dead victim has forgiven the one who caused the death. In one case the headline read, “Court stunned by…” We naturally feel that the relative of one who was senselessly killed has a right to feel angry and bitter, but, at least in these instances, the person was able to rise above that bitterness. Jesus, in horrible pain and bleeding from scourge wounds, looked down upon the still remorseless ones that put Him there and said, “Father, forgive them.” Forgiveness doesn’t mean that we don’t hurt. It doesn’t mean that what the other did was right. But it does mean that we are willing to put all in God’s hands, and allow no bitterness in our heart to separate us from Him. It is not easy, but it is our decision to forgive as we have been forgiven.