Good Morning November 3

Some people will point to Jesus as a rebel. It seems to substantiate their cause as a rebel in society. Jesus was not at rebel. Too many rebels are only interested in tearing down, having no solid plan for what should be built up. This was not Jesus. He was not interested in changing the religious structure of His day. He wanted them to understand the truth that God had given through Moses. He saw a pride and coldness in their hearts that needed love and compassion for the people. He was not interested in changing the government. He submitted Himself to them and let them do what they would. He did reject the misuse of the things God had given mankind for their good. He was not interested in changing the world by any force of men. He wanted something far deeper, the hearts of all men. What change would come about would come through redeemed hearts. That is what He still wants today, and why He is still working in you and in me.