Good Morning November 4

In Matthew 14 is the account of Jesus feeding the five thousand. A young boy was willing to give up his whole lunch to Jesus, and it was multiplied to feed the great crowd. There is an important principle here. What we are willing to give to Jesus is changed, increased, and used for great blessing. This is true of our financial giving, and with every other part of our lives as well. The time and abilities we give to Jesus are used for good. Even our bad habits and sins are forgiven, cleansed and changed in His hands. Jesus invites us to yield control of all parts of our life to Him. It is not easy, and we receive no guarantees ahead of time what He will do with us, but we do know that all things in Jesus’ hands are used for good. And that boy who gave up his lunch did end up with a good meal and plenty left over. We can trust Jesus.