Good Morning November 8

Holy and gracious Lord, we come humbly before You seeking Your mercy and guidance for our nation. You, Lord, who are our Creator, our Redeemer, and our Sanctifier, are a God of mercy and grace. You have sustained us with rich blessings throughout the 227 years of our national history. We had sought to be faithful to that blessing, but we must come now in repentance confessing our sins. We have fallen away from Your holy Word removing it from our national life. We have worshiped at the altar of pride, wealth, and power. We have confused Your good gift of gender desecrating Your image. We have taken Your holy gift of the sexual relationship between a man and woman in marriage making it a recreational sport for all. In the name of lifestyle, convenience, and other justifications we have murdered millions of our children. Holy God, we have no right to come before You, but we implore You, for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ, to have mercy on us. On this day of our national elections we ask for Your will to be done among us. You who have guided nations and kings throughout history to do Your will, guide us now. In humility we bow, acknowledging You as King and Lord over all, imploring your grace for this day and all the days that follow, until You see fit to send the Lord Jesus again to us. We pray all this in His blessed Name and on His merit alone. Amen.