Good Morning November 14

Many people of all faiths claim that Jesus was a great moral teacher. They say that His life of love, of care for the outcast, and His willingness to sacrifice Himself for His beliefs, are a model for all men. But to think only that is to miss the whole point of the life of the Christ. Jesus, Himself, doesn’t allow us to do that. Yes, He taught. Yes, He was a great example. But He was infinitely more. He was and is a Saviour when we were lost and without hope. He substituted His life for ours when all of the wrath of God should have come down on us. He went before us in death so that we never need to fear death. He stands with us before the brilliant burning glory of Almighty God and makes us eternally acceptable in His Kingdom. A teacher and moralist you can take or leave. To a Saviour you must humbly bow in grateful adoration. A teacher, you can follow. To a Saviour, you give your life.