Good Morning November 15

This past Sunday’s paper had an article about the growing need for civility in public life. It reminded me of a little book I had seen written by George Washington in the 18th century called Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation. He gave 110 rules as a guide for interaction between people.  During the presidential debates one of the commentators must have felt the need for this because he asked the candidates if they could say one positive thing about each other. I think both were taken aback a bit, but both did very well with a positive comment. It might do all of us well to read Washington’s rules, or go back even further to the Scriptures and their call for humility, for considering one’s own sins first, for guarding one’s tongue, and even for considering the needs of another before one’s self. It certainly won’t solve all the world’s problems, but may allow us to look more calmly for a better path. And, for us, it will be a witness to the Lord we serve.